About us

In the area of Paper bag manufacturing we have acquired over 10 years of experience enabling us to provide our customers with prompt, reliable and quality service and products.
According to our references we deliver paper bags to many European countries, such as: Austria, France, Germany, Great-Britain, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Italy and Slovakia. This achievement is due to excellent quality, pricing and compliance with the delivery deadlines.
As you can see it on our website besides the manufacturing of exclusive paper bags, we also undertake the production of cheaper, but still very good quality environmental-friendly paper bags, as we follow an environment-conscious approach in our business.
Our regular clients include also leading brands such as: Avon, Budapest Airport, Dove, CIB Bank, Commerzbank, Class Fm, Ferrero, Garmin, HBO, Helia-D, IGO, Kinder, OTP, Oriflame, Sió, Zwack....

Our commitment
We are continuously motivated by the market requirements and by the latest needs of our clients to accomplish our new developments, innovations and creative opportunities in relation to paper bag making.
Purposive investments and development made to Papírtáska Kft. resulted in the implementation of continuous quality checks and a steadily improving quality level. This guarantees fair prices, compliance with the deadlines, namely customer satisfaction.
For us motivation, up-to-date information, client-orientated services, compliance with quality environmental expectations and monitoring of modern market requirements are extremely crucial, in a way that these are paired with compatible prices and short deadlines.
Our own developments, the trust of our partners and the satisfaction of our regular clients are behind the constant development of our business.
It is important to note, that due to the global financial crisis the advertising market has been reshuffled and together with this also the companies working for this market (also including our company) had to be altered.
Nowadays in order to keep our paper bag prices at the required level we are purchasing raw materials used for paper bag making via our own manufacturer procurement channels, and not from the local paper wholesalers.
Annually we import approximately 100 tons of glazed (white or grey) and textured Kraft paper.
Our company is working with multiple print works in parallel, in order to comply with the delivery deadlines and as we have our own binding workshop, we are able to manufacture the ordered paper bags within 3 business days (orders of 2000 bags), which is unique in Hungary.

Why can we offer better paper bag prices than our competitors?

Our company manages the entire binding process in house, except for the printing works.

We offer quick and flexible solutions in the manufacturing of paper bags.

We offer our support and cooperation during the entire planning process and the creating of the finished advertising platforms in order to assist you in accomplishing your plans.